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A great brand is the reflection of a strong culture. Holii, born in India reflects that joy, the complexity and the sheer brilliance of India through innovative design. It emerges from the delightful chaos of modern India; born out of a desire to reflect both the aesthetics of a sophisticated culture, the modernity and the buzz of the most complex women in the world.

We are passionate about the colors, chaos and complexity of modern India. Our premium handcrafted leather Handbags, Juttis and Kolhapuri’s are known for being colourful and refreshing.

Through the vivacious hues, Holii celebrates the joy and energy of everyday India that is abuzz with optimism both socially and professionally. Innovation is imperative for Holii; we bring a new wave of innovative Indian centric fashion based on the unique heritage and craftsmanship that is still alive in India.

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Bags are one of man’s simplest yet powerful innovations that has evolved tremendously with time. Apart from the task of carrying your belongings, bags, in today's fashion world, reflect your personal fashion style. Women handbags have gone through a series of revolutions too, and each bag today speaks a unique story. Similarly, Holii handbags speak a distinct story about India’s rich culture, heritage and craftsmanship that have slowly and steadily taken fame across the globe.

We at Holii design leather handbags and footwear that reflect the bliss, sheer brilliance of art, and strong Indian culture. It is our wish to display the rich aesthetics of advanced Indian culture in the form of handbags, footwear and accessories across the globe. We bring a new wave of pioneering Indian centric fashion based on the unique heritage and craftsmanship that is still alive in India.

The handbags for women by Holii are made of premium quality leather that give the bags its natural finesse and regal look. They are individually cut, numbered and glued together before stitching them. There is no bulk production or assembly line. Holii handbags empowers women to express themselves boldly through classic design and contemporary kind of bags. Our skilled artisans meticulously emboss the bags with intricate designs and hand dye them to bring alive our great heritage.

Holii bags online shopping also takes pride in hand manufacturing footwear that are made of genuine leather. The entire process of building, designing, and finishing the final product is manually done by the skilled men. Thus, the resulting product that comes out of production echoes the charm of true old school artisan with design sensibilities that match with the modern-day fashion. Holii Juttis and Kolhapuris, for women, display the rich and vibrant handcrafting culture of India.

The unparalleled collection of ladies bags online exhibit unique and contemporary style Indian motifs that can magnify a woman’s fashion statement. Even our small bags for women come with a variety of hues and remarkable patterns. The designers at Holii understand that not every person is the same, and therefore, the distinct prints reflect the versatility and complexity of a woman in today’s modern era. Holii leads the way in bringing a plethora of contemporary Indian styles and patterns of women bags online that elevates your every occasion of life.

In today’s modern world almost, anything and everything is available online easily. Therefore, we aim to make your virtual shopping experience effortless with our curated range of ladies bags online available at lucrative prices. Shop from a myriad of Holii handbags and authentic Indian leather sandals that suit your style and need. From small bags for women viz clutches, wallets, to Juttis and Kolhapuris, Holii has got you covered under its umbrella of stylish handbags and footwear, that can easily accentuate your everyday look.

The spectacular assembly of women bags online makes the authentic culture and vibrant patterns of India come to life. Holii gives you an opportunity to own a piece of India’s best and original artwork at a pocket-friendly cost.