clutches for women

Someone has rightly said, “A clutch is the type of bag you need, not want.” The idea behind creating clutches for women was to carry around minimal things in style. Clutches for women complete any outfit and add a spark to your hand. In the olden days, not everyone could afford to hold a clutch in their hand. Only women from wealthy and influential families were seen flaunting this petite and powerful accessory, which sparkled like precious jewellery in their hands.

Today, clutches are the most contemporary style bag for any woman on the go. They are the most elegant and chic type of bag that can complement any attire. Holii clutches come in various vibrant hues along with modern patterns inspired by India’s glorious culture and heritage that make you fall in love with them instantly. 

The Holii clutches for women speak volumes about the great Indian craftsmanship that comes alive when you hold the beauty in your hand. The intricate design on each bag is meticulously embossed and hand-dyed. Thus, giving the bag an original and fresh appeal. The fabric used in making these clutches is of premium quality and speaks for itself.

Handcrafting is a patient art that requires a lot of manual work. Our leather clutches for ladies are constructed and glued together by the bare hands of our brilliant artisans. No machine is involved. Each leather bag is individually numbered, hand-cut, and pieced together. As a result, these leather clutches for ladies exhibit India’s great heritage and refined creativity in a contemporary way. 

The original intention of designing a clutch purse for women was always to draw the attention of people towards the beholder of the bag. Women love accessories, and the clutch is the most modern yet sophisticated type of purse that always takes centre stage on any occasion. If this reason alone is not enough for you to buy Holii clutches online, we will give you five more reasons that will convince you today to shop for a clutch purse online. Check them out:

 Five Reasons to Buy a Clutch Purse Online:

  • Versatility

The dual functionality of a Holii clutch makes it a versatile bag that can store your makeup essentials and still have space to hold certain documents and, in turn, act like a pouch, whenever required. Most of our clutches for women come with detachable straps that give you the option to hold it in one hand or take it across your body as a crossbody bag.

  • Low-Maintenance

Clutches are petite but always leave a powerful impact whenever you attend any event with them. They are lightweight and easy to carry around with less worry about cleaning them whenever you use them. You can effortlessly enjoy all your events without worrying about the thought of carrying a bag that would hinder your movement. Leather clutches for ladies, on the other hand, require maintenance to enhance and preserve their beauty.

  • Personalize it to Match Your Style

Clutch bags are a convenient go-to bag for any formal or casual event. You can dress up in your favourite attire and clasp the clutch that will easily blend with your style. Simply add an extra dazzle to your look, by opting for a clutch that you can easily customize by removing the straps, making it a wristlet, and complete your formal look.

  • Add that ‘X-Factor’ to your Ensemble

A clutch is a fantastic accessory to help you revitalize your handbag collection as well as your overall attire. Clutches for women help to bridge the gap between formal and minimalistic wear. You can sass up your summer wear by pairing a clutch with your maxi dress and breezily walking around without the worry of holding a tote or handbag. What’s more, a classic clutch in your hand will add a spark to any party outfit. It is like your best friend who can come to your rescue whenever you need them.

  • Your Shoulders will be Thankful to You

Carrying around a big handbag or tote bag for a walk is not an easy task as it puts unnecessary strain on your shoulders and neck. A clutch can easily accommodate all the essentials you might need for that quick walk and make your evening convenient without adding any stress to your back. The convenience that a clutch bag provides is unrivalled by any other type of bag, and they are unquestionably a boon to you ladies.

If these above reasons are now enough for you to buy a clutch online, we have something more for you. We want to empower you with some clutch-holding etiquettes that will enable you to carry your strapless clutch like a pro at any event.

Three Common Clutch-Holding Etiquettes

  • The Conventional Way Under the Arm

During special occasions where you might often be required to give attention to the camera for photographs or at a buffet dining, holding the clutch under your arm is the best way of going handsfree.

  • Use of One Hand is the Most Convenient Method

The best way to usually hold the clutch during evening events is to hold the clutch with one hand underneath it, like a newspaper. It is a good way to secure its content and keep the other hand free for the evening.

  • Use of the Index Finger in an Elegant Way

This is the most elegant, yet sometimes tricky, way to hold a clutch. Pressing too hard may strain your fingers. Hold it loose and everything comes crashing down. The trick is to let your index finger run along the length of your clutch, with your thumb on the back and the remaining fingers resting on the front.

The collection of Holii clutches online showcase India’s reflection of its glorious past. Being a home grown brand, we believe in propagating India’s culture and heritage via the handcrafted fashion accessories by our skilled artisans. Navigate our website to explore a wide range of handmade bags, wallets, Juttis, Kolhapuris, etc. and experience Indian designs at their original best that complement your modern life.