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The history of Juttis dates to the 16th century, when it was introduced in India by the Mughals. Traditional Juttis were bedecked with gemstones, lined with gold, silver, and other embellishments which made it seem like a footwear only for the royals. But as India evolved, the royal Juttis toned down and became available for the common man. We at Holii are passionate about promoting India’s rich culture, heritage, and diversity in the form of art that can be carried around easily. Therefore, we design premium Juttis, Kolhapuris, handbags, and accessories that speak volumes about our tradition in a modern way.

Gone are the days when Juttis could only be worn with traditional attires. The modern day Juttis or mojaris by Holii are meticulously handcrafted by artisans that understand today’s contemporary lifestyle. Holii artisans design Juttis for women that can easily blend with your Indian as well as fusion wardrobe. Each pair of Jutti is made of premium quality leather and are made by India’s finest artisans that bring you the traditional design with a modern twist.

While one might assume that the concept of Juttis came from the north of India and therefore, it is popularly worn in the north. It might come as a surprise to you that Juttis are quite famous in every part of India as well as abroad. Holii designs an exquisite collection of leather Juttis for women that can meet your every occasion need. Be it an occasion of the north, south, east or west Indian style, you can find Juttis at Holii for every type of celebration. Holii takes pride in propagating our immensely rich and diverse culture to every part of India and abroad through our finely handcrafted and innovative footwear collection.

At Holii, we ensure that every material utilised in making the Juttis are of the highest quality. From the leather to the smallest embellishment, each item is thoroughly quality tested to give you nothing but the best. Our artisans design every pair of Jutti that displays the vibrant handcrafting culture of India. The craftsmen pour out their love and passion while designing the Juttis for women that reflect our great heritage even in today’s modern world.

The overall process of making Juttis is slow and painstaking as it must go through a lot of process where the artisans use their hands to shape, design and decorate the Juttis. The embroidery work on the Juttis involve intricate weaving and punches that reflect a royal art.  Thus, every pair of Holii Juttis for women echoes the genius craftsmanship of our artisans and the unique legacy of India.

The traditional Juttis you might find in a closed and curled top with a flat sole. Most of the variations of Juttis were characterized by the regional tradition, era, artisans and were adapted according to the environment and materials available. Considering today’s modern and complex lifestyle led by every woman, Holii Juttis are made available in authentic mojari as well as contemporary slip-on style that can keep up with your everyday look. You can flaunt Holii Juttis to work every day as well as enhance your party, festival or any occasion attire effortlessly in style.

No longer do you need a pair of high heels to complement your party or wedding attire. A right pair of Holii Juttis can make you feel as light as air and put people in awe of the aesthetic value it adds to your ensemble. The delicate and intricate designs on Holii Juttis are sure to become the showstopper of any event you plan to attend. Moreover, the flat sole of the Juttis does not put any pressure on your feet or back, thus enabling you to enjoy your event without a sweat.

How to Take Care of Holii Juttis?

As you know a lot of care and effort goes into making every single pair of Holii Juttis and if you plan to add them to your footwear collection you must know these simple tips to keep your Juttis in shape and even enhance their lifespan.

  • It is advisable to apply mustard oil to the Juttis prior to using them to avoid getting blisters on sensitive feet.
  • Avoid wearing them in rainy season or wet surface to enhance their lifespan
  • In order to keep the design or embroidery work intact on the Juttis, always wrap the Juttis in a muslin cloth or the dust bag provided with them. The muslin fabric is softer than compared to other type of fabrics and will not harm the overall aesthetic look of the Juttis
  • Avoid polishing your Juttis
  • If the Juttis get wet, always sun dry them rather than drying them in a machine. The machine wash might damage the intricate design work on the Juttis and render them unusable. Store them in your closet only after the moisture dries out completely.
  • While plain Juttis or with less artistic work can be easily cleaned with a toothbrush and mild soap water. Juttis that have delicate embroidery work should be dry-cleaned to avoid any damage to the footwear

So, if you are looking for a perfect pair of Juttis to buy online, Holii is your one-stop shop. With a myriad of designs and rich colours available for every style and occasion, buying leather Juttis by Holii has become a piece of cake. Experience a seamless online shopping navigation experience with clean footwear category and easy checkout option. The choice of attractive and vibrant colours of Juttis for women available online are sure to amplify the beauty of your wardrobe collection and you. What's more? You can own the best of Indian original designs at an affordable cost without drilling any holes in your pocket.

Get your hands today on Holii’s premium Juttis for women collection and feel the rich and great Indian heritage come to life.