kolhapuri blocks heels for women


Kolhapur, India's gorgeous town, is famous around the world for its trademark Kolhapuri chappals. Kolhapuri chappals, for the uninitiated, are flat footwear that showcases the exceptional craftsmanship of Kolhapuri artisans. Exquisite local artisans have polished their craft over the years, producing these chappals in a variety of styles, colours, and designs. Holii creates fashion accessories and footwear to pay tribute to India's rich culture and wonderful heritage. Therefore, our Kolhapuri chappals are an ode to every woman who is' Indian-at-heart’. 

Kolhapuri chappals were traditionally flat in style and provided great comfort to their wearers. The flexibility of Kolhapuris to easily adapt to your feet and become softer with use is what made them popular among Indians. The chappals absorb heat from your feet and shape them to perfectly fit every time you wear them. Holii Kolhapuri footwear is made from 100% natural, vegetable-tanned leather. They have been tested for endurance and hence can survive the ups and downs of your modern lifestyle.

Holii aspires to introduce newness and refinement to the fashion industry, and one way we chose to do it is by introducing the Kolhapuri block heels. Yes, you got that right! These block heels offer a traditional Kolhapuri design with a modern twist. They are created by India's talented craftsmen, who help to bring India's epic saga to life. Our artists create the exquisite weaving, designing, and beautiful embroidery work by hand. 

The most recent Kolhapuri block heels for ladies feature contemporary designs that incorporate gold or zari strips, pom poms, or gondas. These modest yet significant embellishments contribute to the beauty of the block heels and give it a majestic appearance. The outer material is high-quality leather, while the sole substance is thermoplastic rubber to prevent slippage.  

Our collection of block heel sandals for women gives the appropriate amount of support and stability to their wearers. The heel widths range from narrow to full wedge, giving you a choice of alternatives. The biggest selling feature for these Kolhapuri chappals with heels, however, is their ease of wear. You may effortlessly slip them on and spend hours outside, dancing, or attending a long-lasting event without having to worry about your feet or back.  Kolhapuri sandals with heels, as opposed to slender stiletto heels, provide comfort while also complementing your style.

The Kolhapuri chappal with heel is one of the most practical and attractive styles of footwear that may easily be a game changer for you on any occasion. Holii offers the relaxed and beautiful style of Kolhapuri heels, which may simply boost your wardrobe assortment. Holii has the ideal pair of block heels for you, whether you want something classic for everyday wear or something innovative to refresh your style.  

Who should/When to opt for Block Heels for Women?

  • If you enjoy wearing heels but are concerned about the pain associated that come with the slim varieties, you should try Kolhapuri heel sandals. The heel section has a wide base that allows your foot to rest comfortably on the sandals.
  • It is more convenient and comfortable than regular heels and has a longer lifespan than stilettos. You can wear them all day without causing any discomfort to your feet. Kolhapuri heels are also an excellent choice for young girls and women who want to embark on a lengthy path of wearing heels confidently.

Holii’s Kolhapuri block heel sandals for women come in various designs, heel styles, and colours. You may consider the following tips while choosing Kolhapuri sandals with heels:

Medium Block Heel

Kolhapuri medium block heels make you appear lean and tall. They are a must have in every wardrobe. The height elevates the elegance of your outfit and transforms your persona without any sign of pain.

Heel with a Low-height Wide Base

A low-height pair of blocks with bigger, chunkier, and squarer heels is also available as a Kolhapuri chappal with heel. These woman’s block heels are a great alternative to flats because they are just as comfortable to wear and move around in. Furthermore, they appear more graceful than most flat sandals.

Opt for a Fresh Pattern

Holii brings to you Kolhapuri heel sandals that exhibit India’s skilled craftsmanship in a contemporary way. Glossy finish, multi-shades, frills, zari-work, beads, and sequins are some of the embellishments that will accentuate your everyday look. These Kolhapuri block heels will add a pop of colour to your outfit and make you shine any day.

Shopping for Kolhapuri heels online is incredibly easy. With a plethora of designs and vibrant hues available for any style and occasion, purchasing Kolhapuri with heels online has become a piece of cake. Explore our website with ease of navigation and product filtering by style, design, pricing, and colour. You can always zoom in and inspect the merchandise from various angles by clicking on it. Choose your favourites and add them to your shopping cart. Enter your contact information for delivery, which will be kept totally personal and not shared with anyone without your permission. Complete the check-out process with a single click, and we will hand-deliver your purchases at the earliest.

Kolhapuri heel chappals online come in a variety of appealing and modern colours that will complement the beauty of your clothing assortment. The Kolhapuri heels online collection is a showcase of India's intrinsic artistry and speaks for itself globally. All our products are handcrafted with love and care for you and the art. Holii's authentic Kolhapuri heel chappal online collection tells the story of India's great past, which is visible even today in their artwork. You can own them all at a very reasonable price. Choose from a broad selection of luxury Kolhapuri with heels online to complement your footwear collection with the charm of real old-school craftsmanship and the contemporary trend.