kolhapuri chappal for women

The Kolhapur town of Maharashtra in India is gifted with an incredible ethnic and archaeological heritage which reflects in the unique craftsmanship of the artisans in the town. It is, therefore, no wonder that the world-famous Kolhapuri chappals come from this humble yet magnificent town. The indigenous footwear has spread its fame across every corner of the globe. We at Holii therefore, take pride in propagating the rich culture and craftsmanship of Indian artisans through one of their fine crafts i.e., the Holii Kolhapuri chappals for women.

The first model of the Kolhapuri chappal came into existence in the 13th century and was much thinner than the ones available now. As the demand for this unique footwear increased, the artisans evolved their technique and modified the designs to suit every user. Holii brings to you a refined array of handcrafted leather Kolhapuri chappals that echoes the rich and authentic craftsmanship in a modern way.

Holii Kolhapuri chappals for women are designed by India’s finest artisans who help to bring the great heritage of India alive. The latest models have intricate designs that make use of gold or zari strips, pom poms or gondas that enhance the aesthetics of the footwear and give it a regal look. The outer material is made of premium quality leather, whereas the sole material is made of thermoplastic rubber to avoid any slips.

One of the unique characteristics of Kolhapuri chappals is that it adapts to your feet quite easily and becomes softer with use. The heat from the feet moulds it and makes it a perfect fit with use. The material used in making the chappals are tested for durability and therefore, can withstand your everyday wear and tear.

Holii Kolhapuri chappals are handcrafted and therefore, the process is slow and painstaking. The traditional artisans involved in the process did not make use of nails or any sharp thing in the footwear. All the intricate weaving, designing, and fine embroidery is done by the hands of the artisans. They pour out their passion and love in every pair of chappals that adorns your feet with a contemporary finesse and royal look.

The traditional Kolhapuris came only in specific hues of brown, but the modern day Holii Kolhapuris are available in rich and vibrant hues that can suit every attire. The intricate designs boast of genius craftsmanship and India’s unique artistry. Today, these chappals have become a versatile piece of footwear that is worn across the world. Even after centuries, the demand for Kolhapuri chappals is still in vogue.

To add a royal look to your footwear collection, Holii brings to you three variations of Kolhapuris that are a must-have in your closet.

Holii Kolhapuri Flats

The authentic Holii Kolhapuri flats come in a comfortable design offering a perfect amount of support to your feet and yet give you an overall effortless ethnic feel. These flats can be paired up even with casual Kurtis and denims and give a casual ethnic vibe.

Holii Kolhapuri Wedges

Keeping up with the modern needs and lifestyle of Indian women, Holii also offers Kolhapuri chappals for women with heels. Yes, you got that right! The Kolhapuri Wedges are designed to give you comfort as well as make you feel super stylish. The outer material of the wedges is made of artificial leather and the sole is made of thermoplastic rubber. The authentic weaving and punch work embroidery adds that oomph to your ethnic as well as western ensemble.

Holii Kolhapuri Blocks

Last but not the least is the Holii Kolhapuri chappals with block heels. Yes, we have got the classic style heels covered as well. Inspired by the famous Kolhapuri flats, the block heels feature a comfortable yet fashionable heel. A myriad of sassy designs is available that can easily add a traditional twist as well as become a perfect pair with your everyday wear. Like the wedges, the outer material is made of artificial leather. The thermoplastic rubber sole helps to avoids any slips.

How to maintain or take care of the Holii Kolhapuri Chappals for women?

With great power comes great responsibility. Yes, it is true also in the case of owning and maintaining authentic Holii Kolhapuri chappals. If you want your Kolhapuri flats to shine and last long, here are few simple steps for it: 

  • Apply oil to the footwear prior to use if you find the chappals are too hard for your feet. The oiling helps to prevent moisture accumulation and softens the footwear.
  • Clean the chappals with a soft cotton cloth after every use, if possible, to maintain the shine of your footwear
  • Always dry the chappals before storing it in your closet. After cleaning the chappals, wrap them in a muslin cloth or the dust bag that comes with it. Store it in a dry place.

So, if you are looking for a perfect pair of women's Kolhapuri chappals to buy online, Holii is your one-stop shop. With a myriad of designs and rich colours available for every style and occasion, buying Kolhapuri chappal online has become a five-finger exercise. Experience a seamless online shopping navigation experience with clean footwear category and easy checkout option.

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What are you waiting for? Put on your favourite outfit, grab a pair of Holii’s premium range of Kolhapuri chappals, and experience the rich and great Indian heritage come to life.