Kolhapuri artisans' distinctive workmanship gave birth to their iconic and world-famous native Kolhapuri Chappals, which are in high demand around the world. This popular form of footwear first appeared in the 13th century and was much thinner than the ones available now. As the demand for this one-of-a-kind form of chappal grew, the artisans refined their process and tailored the designs to accommodate every user. Today, Holii presents a refined version of Kolhapuri flats for women that reflects the craftsmanship of our Indian artisans. 

Holii's Kolhapuri flat chappals showcase India's rich and unique workmanship with a modern twist. They are designed by India's outstanding craftsmen, who work to preserve India's rich legacy The most recent ones feature intricate designs that incorporate gold or zari strips, pom poms, or gondas to enhance the aesthetics of the footwear and give it a regal appearance. The outer material is premium quality leather, while the sole substance is thermoplastic rubber to prevent slippage.

One of the reasons Kolhapuri flats are so popular is their ability to effortlessly adapt to your feet and get softer with each use. It absorbs the heat from your feet and shapes the flats to ensure a perfect fit every time you wear them. The leather used to make the Kolhapuri flat chappals is 100% natural and vegetable-tanned leather. They have been tested for endurance and can thus survive the ups and downs of your hectic lifestyle.

Because our Kolhapuri flats are handcrafted, the procedure is slow and laborious. Every stage of the process, from cutting to moulding the leather, requires manual labour. The craftsmen' hands do all of the meticulous weaving, designing, and beautiful needlework. They pour their heart and soul into each pair of chappals that adorn your feet with a modern flair and give them a majestic appeal.

Traditional Kolhapuri flats were only available in brown, while modern Holii Kolhapuri flats come in vibrant colours that may complement whatever outfit you pick. The sophisticated design of the flats is enhanced by the gorgeous embroidery on the leather straps.

The artisans attentively take care of the brilliant designs as well as the placing of decorations to give you a pair of flats that are nothing short of acclaim and adoration. The genuine Kolhapuri flat chappals have a comfy style that provides an optimum level of support to your feet while also giving you an overall effortless ethnic feel. These flats go well with casual Kurtis and jeans for a relaxed ethnic look.

Kolhapuri flats, with their delicate designs and leather material, require to be well kept. Proper upkeep will give these lovely flats an ageless appearance and turn them into a treasured possession. If you want to try our flat Kolhapuri chappal, here are some guidelines for proper care.

Tips and Tricks to Take Care of Holii Kolhapuri Flats

With great power comes great responsibility. Yes, that is also true in the case of owning and preserving an authentic pair of Holii Kolhapuri flats. If you want your Kolhapuri flats to shine and last, follow these simple guidelines:

  • Apply oil to the footwear prior to use if you find the chappals are too hard for your feet. The oiling helps to prevent moisture accumulation and softens the footwear.
  • Clean the chappals with a soft cotton cloth after every use, if possible, to maintain the shine of your footwear.
  • Always dry the chappals before storing them in your closet. After cleaning the chappals, wrap them in a muslin cloth or the dust bag that came with them. Store it in a dry place.

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The array of attractive and modern colours of Holii Kolhapuri flat chappals for women are sure to elevate your wardrobe collection and you. Holii’s collection of Kolhapuris is a tribute to India’s innate artistry work that speaks for itself worldwide. All our products are handcrafted with truly immense love, and care for you, and the art. Holii’s authentic Indian Kolhapuri flats narrates the saga of the glorious past of India that is imminent today in their artwork. You can own the best of Indian genuine designs at an affordable cost without drilling any holes in your pocket. Choose from a wide range of premium Kolhapuri flats and add a charm of true old school artistry with a contemporary style to your footwear collection.