wallets for women


Wallets for ladies hold a special place in their hearts. They cannot step out without it. Unlike men, women have different types of wallets for different occasions. Whether it is to a party, or a casual walk outside, a wallet not only helps to carry cash or cards, but also holds all the necessary essentials a woman might need when she steps out.

The early history of wallets predates the sixteenth century, when the purpose of the wallet was to store paper currency and identity cards. These wallets were primarily associated with men. Women preferred using purses with drawstrings to store their money and other belongings.

However, in today’s modern world, wallets are unisex and easily complement anyone using them. The variety of wallets for women is endless and each has its own specific purpose to be served. Some wallets are petite, with only enough space to hold cash and cards. A bigger wallet can hold several other essentials apart from money.

A wallet for a woman relates to her personal style statement. It reflects her mood, her fashion approach, and even sometimes acts as a symbol of her social status. Holii wallets for ladies are inspired by India’s rich culture and heritage. The designs are unique and come in a myriad of colours, sizes, shapes, and fabrics that can meet your every need.

Holii leather wallets are an ode to every woman who is' Indian-at-heart. ’ The leather wallets are constructed and glued together by the bare hands of our genius Indian artisans. The brilliant artisans individually number, hand cut, and piece together each leather wallet without the use of any machine. It is no wonder that the end product is nothing short of holding a prestigious artwork in hand.

There are innumerable types of ladies’ wallet available in the market. Here are the top three picks which you can always carry on any occasion.

 Conventional Wallet

The conventional wallet is the one that helps you to store and organise multiple things, viz. cash receipts, business cards, favourite restaurant bills, or even memorable snaps of your loved ones. This type of wallet usually has multiple card slots, interior pockets, and a space with a zip for coins. These are the tried and tested wallets that never fail. Holii ladies leather wallets are a perfect traditional wallet that displays India’s art in a contemporary way. They are functional as well as stylish and can store all your necessary items. 


This type of wallet adds a touch of versatility to your traditional style wallet. The interiors of the wallet have all the functions of a conventional one and come with a strap that makes it easy to carry it around in style. A wristlet can effortlessly elevate your party or special event attire and enable you to carry your things in style.

Pouch Style Leather Wallet

This is a type of low-profile wallet that is smaller in size but can hold your necessary items like cash and cards. The reason we name it "low profile" is owing to its size and shape. These types of ladies’ leather wallets are a neat way of carrying essential things that can easily slip into back pockets or even in your on-the-go clutch

Wallets for women serve as functional items as well as fashion statement pieces. Hence, we would like to share with you a few functional tips that you can consider while shopping for a ladies wallet online or at a physical outlet.

Basic Guideline for Buying a ladies wallet online or at any retail store:

  • Size

Size matters. Depending upon the things you plan to carry, womens wallet come in various sizes that can meet every need. Bi-fold wallets are usually small and are useful for carrying cash and cards. A wristlet wallet, on the other hand, can easily accommodate your phone and other belongings.

  • Inside Storage

Now, depending upon the size you choose for your wallet, the inside storage will also hold things accordingly. If you are the one who loves to store receipts, business cards, loyalty cards, and pictures of your loved ones apart from the regular cash, coins, and bank cards, then, you must choose a wallet that has ample space to help you organise your items in an easy-accessible manner.

  • Fabric/Material

Ladies leather wallets make a style statement by themselves. Holii wallets for ladies are available in high-quality fabric as well as leather material that can stand the test of time. Women often opt for leather material as it is durable and exhibits an ageless look even after several years of usage. All Holii leather products are made of 100% natural vegetable tanned leather.

  • Colour

For any woman, colour always plays an important role while choosing anything. Holii wallets for women are available in attractive bold as well as chic colours. If you love to experiment with various fashion styles, then you can always opt for an eye-catching colour that always becomes the centre of attraction. On the other hand, if you are looking for a wallet that literally goes with everything and makes a fashion statement on its own, then classic colours like nude, black, brown, and grey will make a perfect match with any attire.

  • Cost

It all finally comes down to this final factor that makes or breaks the deal. However, all good things need not be expensive. Holii’s collection of women wallets online offers exclusive deals and discounts that make the wallets absolutely budget-friendly. You can quite easily get a premium women wallet online at a great bargain.

Holii wallets online come in a myriad of vibrant and vivacious hues, designs, contemporary prints, and styles. The premium leather wallets for women are handcrafted and exhibit India’s exceptional artistry at a cost-effective range. Browse through our ladies wallet online collection, which you can easily filter by type, price, and collections. Shop for a Holii product today and experience a piece of India’s grand, larger than life love affair with vibrant colours, festivities, and traditions come alive.