slings bags for women


Sling bags and the word "convenience" are synonymous. Sling bags for women bring the comfort and ease they always want while travelling anywhere. A sling bag is ideal for every occasion, whether it's for business, an event, or a casual stroll, nothing can beat it.

Sling bags for ladies are compact and come with a single sturdy strap that can help them carry their personal essentials in style. The bags are usually small or medium in size and are made from high quality fabrics or leathers that add a little extra flair to your overall look. With a sling bag, you can easily carry your daily make-up essentials, wallet, keys, earphones, and even a pair of clothes without breaking a sweat. Sling bags for women are a quintessential fashion accessory that never goes out of style.

Holii brings to you a premium collection of handcrafted leather sling bags for women, that can enhance your style with any outfit you choose. The authentic craftsmanship of Indian artisans can be seen on each Holli sling bag, which is made with pure love and passion.

Holii's mission is to propagate the rich culture and heritage of India through fashion, and what better way to do so than to handcraft handbags, wallets, Kolhapuri chappals, etc. that showcase the artistic legacy of India? Handmade in India, Holii leather sling bags are handcrafted by professional artisans without the use of any manufacturing machines. Without bulk production or assembly lines, the entire process of shaping, cutting, stitching, and sticking is done by hand. Bags are individually cut, numbered, and stitched together. The resultant bag is of unsurpassed world class quality and displays the skill of our Indian craftsmen.

Holii sling bags are made with premium quality leather that gives them a smooth texture and an extraordinary Indian finesse that makes them irresistible. Holii sling bags for women come in unique patterns and styles that are bound to enhance any look you wish to wear. Sling bags are meticulously crafted to meet the fashion needs of every woman.

Holii sling bags for ladies makes you arrive in style, and you become the centre of attraction on any occasion effortlessly. The vibrant colours, contemporary prints, and smooth finish of the bags makes heads turn around whenever you step out.

So, ladies before you go out shopping for Holii sling bags online, you must know the different types of sling bags available for women. We believe that knowledge is power, and we want to empower you to choose the best sling bag which can suit any or all your fashion requirements. Here is a list of common type of sling bags for women for every occasion:

The Classic Sling Bag

Yes, the classic sling bag is the type of bag you would want to choose if you are tired of carrying heavy purse around with you. Owing to the compact structure and sturdy strap this type of sling bag is very versatile and can easily elevate your everyday look. The bag has multiple compartments and can conveniently hold your personal essentials in style. Holii classic sling bags for ladies comes in various shape, design, and vibrant hues that simply adds spark to your fashion accessories.

The Leather Sling Bag

Holii takes pride in handcrafting premium leather sling bags for women that are unique and magnificent just like woman’s fashion style. Holii leather sling bags makes a style statement wherever you go with it. If you are looking to add some panache and sophistication to your handbag collection, then a leather sling bag is all you need. It goes without saying that leather handbags should be well maintained so that you can enjoy its long-lasting beauty.

The Wallet/Clutch Style Sling Bag

As the name suggests, the wallet/clutch style of sling bag is like a classic sling bag with a difference in the strap. The clutch style sling comes with a fancy strap in the style of a chain or a leather strap. It has enough space to hold your cell phone, cash, keys, and make-up essentials. You can choose to take this sling with you on a casual outing or a coffee date.

The Bucket/Potli Style Sling Bag 

The ‘Potli’ style of sling bag is quite popular in India for a long time. In the olden days, women and even men made use of sackcloth to make potli bags and store their belongings.  The shape of the bag is like a bucket or a ‘potli’ that has larger space to hold more of your belongings than in a classic sling. Holii’s potli style sling bags come in quirky and contemporary designs that can be easily paired with any ethnic appeal. It has a fuss-free pull string that secures the bag contents without a chance of spilling them out.

Whether you are looking to rock a party or enjoy a family occasion, the collection of Holii sling bags online can indeed make things easier for you. With a myriad of designs, colours, and styles we have the perfect sling for every event of your life. Our aesthetically clean category-wise look and easy checkout page makes virtual shopping a child’s play.

Holii is completely a home-grown Indian brand, and therefore, our premium collection of leather sling bags for women, wallets, ethnic footwear viz Juttis, Kolhapuris boasts of India’s immensely rich heritage, culture, legends, and art. So, what are you waiting for? Shop for Holii sling bags online at lucrative offers and become a part of India’s glorious past, today!