A great brand is the reflection of a strong culture. Holii, born in India reflects that joy, the complexity, and sheer brilliance of India through innovative design. It emerges from the delightful chaos of modern India; born out of a wish to show both the aesthetics of an advanced culture, the modernity, and the buzz of the most complex women in the world.

We are passionate about the colors, chaos, and complexity of modern India. Our premium handcrafted leather Handbags, Juttis, Kolhapuris & Accessories are known for being colorful and refreshing.

Through the vivacious hues, Holii celebrates the joy and energy of everyday India that is abuzz with optimism both socially and professionally.

Innovation is imperative for Holii; we bring a new wave of pioneering Indian centric fashion based on the unique heritage and craftsmanship that is still alive in India.


Holii is the exciting new face, internationally, in the design of leather bags. In a crowded world of Italian, French and Japanese designs, Holii freshness and originality comes from its Indian heritage and refinement. Holii is an expression of your modern life: that is why it is perfect for your clothes, Indian, fusion or Western, a celebration of your colorful life. Indian designs at its original best.

Great craftsmanship comes alive in your Holii bag. The intricate design is meticulously embossed, and hand dyed to bring alive the beauty that is our great heritage. Our leather bags are constructed by hand and glued together before they are stitched. Slow and painstaking: But that is how great leather bags are handcrafted. There is no bulk production, no assembly line; every bag is individually numbered hand cut and piece together. Holii always look for giving the customers something new which is why we come out with a range of products several times a year. A variety of fashion leathers and exquisitely woven textiles are constantly developed by our designers. Holii has always tried to reflect the ever-changing lifestyle of the modern Indian women through the design


New fashion ranges consisting of handbags, wallets, mobile covers, laptop bags are introduced several times a year and reflect Holii’s continuous innovation and quick response to the constantly lifestyle of our customers.

Bags Keeping the inspiration Indian and the driver modern, Holii bags are designed with India motifs on contemporary global bag shapes. The Holii customer can pick from a wide range of shoulder bags, totes, cross-bodies and clutches.

Smalls and Accessories Each range of Holii handbags are complimented by fashionable wallets, bi-folds, mobile covers and travel kits that follow the collection lines.

Footwear Hand Crafted by some of India's finest artisans, Holii brings to you a line of handcrafted fine leather juttis and kolhapuris that speak the charm of a true old school artisan with the design sensibilities of a modern and luxury shoe brand. The collection is inspired by the vibrant handcrafting culture of India