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Colour blocking with red and life embossed ink blue Flamenco is ideal for the day and slips into the after hours party mood as easily

Product Detail:

1. DL(approx,) - 25 Cms2. Main Body In Main Leather 3. Top Sunken Zip Opening4. Top Flap Handle In Trim Leather 15. Handle Cut Edge And Stitched, inserted into the metal plate6. Design Detail With Metal Etching Plate Riveted7. Top Facing Cut edge And Stitched8. Front side Holii Cursive Branding Plate Bottom9. Backside Panel Joint at the Center10. Backside Slip Pocket No Magnetic Dot11. Gusset Cut Edge And Stitched12. Main Compartment13. Holii Standard Zip Pocket

Dimension: 32x23.5x10 Cms